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The Dream of Bruce Willis Being a Dick

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May. 10th, 2011 | 10:21 pm
mood: apprehensive

In this post, Bruce Willis will be a dick to me.

All resemblances to persons living, dead or undead are purely the result of my secret inner prejudice against Bruce Willis. He's the real victim here, not me.

This dream is only notable because of the appearance of a symbol - broken glass - that made several prominent appearances afterward. Most of it was unpleasant and forgettable. This happened in 2008.

In this dream I was for some reason having sex with Bruce Willis. It wasn't pleasant sex, I was prostituted to him in the dream by someone else, a woman. It was brief, embarrassing and unkind.

When he finished, he jumped out of the window, shattering it, and got into a car on the street below. I was infuriated because he hadn't paid me, and leaned out of the window in a rage to yell down at him: when I did this he leaned out of the car and threw something at me. As it arced toward me in the harsh light I realized it was a broken bottle.

Somehow it shattered the window again between the two of us, though I'd just been yelling at him in the open (through the window he'd already broken). I staggered back, and the movement crunched. It hurt like hell, everywhere in my body, and I could barely move: as I staggered back and the woman in the room behind me started to scream, I realized that my body had filled with shards of broken glass. Every time I moved it was nervewracking agony all over my body, and the blood was everywhere.

Bruce was laughing at me down below, the tires of the car screeching as he drove off. I fell backward onto the mattress, stunned, horrified.

I realized I needed a doctor, but there was no phone there, so I went staggering through the streets, crunching all the way, searching for someone who would let me use a phone. At house after house I was turned away, over and over, ignored and avoided. There was blood trailing behind me everywhere I went: I couldn't even put clothes on because of the broken glass, or shoes despite the shards that bit into my feet.

Quite horrific...


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