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You and Me Against the Atheists

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Apr. 26th, 2011 | 06:33 pm

I seem to have this thing lately of hating on atheists. I don't know what's got into me, it's been like this for a couple of years...I'm not in the least religious in the traditional sense, my mom was a lapsed Catholic and God was like a distant uncle in our house.

Hell, I was an atheist myself for most of my early adulthood; atheism itself isn't what gets me, it's as good a guess as any.

I think it's the evangelical nature of modern atheism that's pissing me off. When you come down to it, right now, we wouldn't know what to look for: no one knows if there's a God, for all we know we're the equivalent of viruses in a divine petri dish, we're the larvae of gods, who knows? What is a god, what is its natural equivalent, if you want? What tool would one use to look directly at a god? What scale do they exist on?

Atheism claims to know, and not only to know but to know better. I spend a lot of time on Reddit, whose userbase spends a lot of time on treating atheism as a desirable label, and I wish I could express my frustration at how common it is to use the (anti)ideology to abuse, belittle and mock the opposition, rather than propound any acceptable alternative outlet for man's archetypal self, or new mythologies with which to frame our perfect ideal. They don't need to put that effort forth, they say, and they have me here: they aren't artists, not iconographers, but iconoclasts alone. How void!

I don't hate atheists and I don't think they're unilaterally wrong, or even wrong to feel antipathy toward organized religion. I'm not crazy about the modern method of using 'no' as a shortcut to saying something, though. Shit like this brought Greece down y'know.

You should see my hair today, I look like a maenad. That's not in a complimentary way. I have got to get a haircut soon: I actually took a picture, but the cord to get the image on the 'puter is in the other room and I'm doing my writing in the bathroom again, so that's too far. I'll upload it later, against my better judgment. You should see it though, I look like:


Comparison shot later. I think Mim looks better, to be straight with you.


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