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All In All Is All We Are

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May. 1st, 2011 | 09:54 pm

I just had the niftiest thing happen.

On an internet forum yesterday, one of my favorite actors from the one single television show I watch replied to a thread I posted, cheering me on and agreeing with me (his was the only reply). I knew it was this actor because of a thread some months ago asking who on the forum was famous: he replied with proof, and since he's one of the two men on that show I have the hots for, I took note of the username.

This is just too awesome for me. Of the millions of people who use the site, out of all of them, it was that guy. Fucking lovely. ;D

I found myself at a loss, not knowing if it would be rude to point out that I liked his work or knew who he was, so in the end I just thanked him for the support. Inside I had an event though.


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